What is an e Cigarette

Many people have heard about e cigs but don’t really know anything about them. How do e cigarettes work for example? In fact the mechanism of e cigs is quite easy and effective at the same time. But before we start talking about e cigarettes let’s have a closer look at these devices and find out how does e cigarette work.

E cig is an electronic device which looks like regular cigarette. E cigarette work is quite interesting; mechanism imitates smoking process but it is much less harmful when regular cigarettes. E cig generates steam which contains certain share of nicotine. Inhaling this steam imitates regular smoking. Now let’s have a look at this device and find out how does the e cigarette really work.

How Does e Cigarette Work

E cig equipped with light-emitting diode (LED). Thus when a smoker uses e cigarette it looks like regular one with smoldering tobacco.
Every single e cigarette consists of the following parts:
- Battery
- Chip
- Atomizer
- Cartridge

e cigarette scheme

So, some parts are responsible for the supply of electricity, others – for steam generations, and last parts – for smoking liquid supply. Typically producers of e cigs try to make them look like regular cigarettes. For instance, they design battery in shape of regular cig, cartridge with smoking liquid might look like filter. So, it is not easy to recognize is an e cigarette is used or tobacco one.
One of the most important parts of e cigarettes is special e liquid. Liquid placed in cartridge may consist of propylene glycol, glycerin, liquid nicotine and food aromatizer. Surely, the components are not absolutely safe but they are much less harmful when components of regular cig.
It is important to remember that devices require basic care. E cigarette maintenance is quite easy and can be done by anybody.

Are e Cigarettes Helpful?

E cigs are not just convenient they are also very helpful. Many smokers managed to quit smoking using e cigs. Moreover there are several advantages of e cigarettes:
- no bad breath
- much easier to breath
- no dyspnea

Are e Cigarettes Dangerous and Harmful?

There is no common opinion on this topic. Some researches state that best e cigarette produces extremely small amount of harmful wastes. For instance, Boston University School of Public Health conducted special research in 2009. The results of the research proved that the level of carcinogenic wastes in liquid of e cigs is more than 1000 times less than in regular cigarettes.

Where to Buy e Cigarettes?

When e cigs were just launched it was quite difficult to find a store to buy the product. Smokers basically didn’t know where to buy e cigarette. Nowadays this is not a problem; e cigs are sold in many stores and there is the huge online market.

How to Choose e Cig?

We have explained how e cigarette work and now it is time to talk about the selection of these devices. In fact there are numerous e cigs on the market and non-experienced person might find it difficult to choose cigarette. In order to make right choice it is important to know differences between products.
There are several criteria of e cigs selection:
- Size
- Volume of steam
- Volume of liquid in one cartridge
- Duration of autonomous work

All criteria are linked. It is impossible to have solid cartridge and battery within tiny gadget. And if you prefer to have vast volume of steam you should understand that duration of autonomous work will be relatively small. So, you need to find the best possible balance between all listed criteria. It is wise to buy electronic cigarette starter kits that include ecigs itself, cartridges, batteries, usb cables etc.

Definitely in the future e cigs will gain huge popularity. At the moment the product is still relatively new thus consumers are a bit too conservative. However many smokers switch to e cigs and future of this product is bright.

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